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Tasting Reviews

Type:    Junk Food & Wine

Event:  Birthday Party (2/17/18)

I asked Nick to help me celebrate my birthday with a “junk food” wine tasting, and it was fantastic!  Nick knows so much about wine and was able to provide a list of ideas. He introduced each pairing and explained about the wines as well as why the pairings worked.  I know my birthday guests had a fantastic time and my favorite pairing was the Cabernet Sauvignon with Cheetos! I can’t wait to have him do another one!

Jen Gideon

Type:    Junk Food & Wine

Event:  Bachelorette Party (4/7/18)

Type:    West Coast Red Blends

Event:  Retirement Party (9/22/18)

Nick planned a wonderful wine tasting for my retirement party.  I have always loved red blends and he was able to make some great selections. They were different combinations of grapes, styles and prices.  Nick finds interesting facts to make wine tasting fun as well as educating you about wine.  He researches the wines you request and others you might enjoy, foods to pair, wines for special occasions and just the every day wine. He does a great presentation making it fun and working around the purpose of your party.  Nick is very knowledgeable and does a wonderful job.  I highly recommend him for any event. 
         Debbie Adams

Type:    Australian Wines

Event:  Friends (3/24/18)

The Wine Tasting Nick did for our friends was an informative, fun evening.  The Australian wines presented were from several regions of the country and he provided information related to each wine.  They were all excellent.  A great evening of friendship and good wine.  Thanks Nick.

Lynda Allen Sanders

Type:    Malbec Tasting

Event:  Friends (6/23/18)

So much food, friends, fun, and great wines to taste and learn about. Awesome way to discover new wines and what you like. 
Thanks Nick, you do such a fantastic job!

Teresa Callarman

Type:    Holiday Wines

Event:  Friends (11/16/18)

Nick lead a Holiday Wine Tasting for our group just prior to Thanksgiving. He provided information about the types of food and wine pairings typically served at Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s and Hanukkah. He then offered good examples of some of the recommended wines including sparkling wines, Pinot Noir, Beaujolais, Cabernet, and red blends. Everyone enjoyed the tasting while getting some great ideas for hosting our own holiday gatherings.

          Carol Shelley

Type:    Wines of Argentina

Event:  Friends (6/22/19)

Our group was interested in tasting South American wines. We asked if Nick could choose a single vineyard with a full line of color from white to red. Nick focused this tasting on Mascota Vineyards, an excellent vintner from Mendoza, Argentina.  The wines included sparkling rosé, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Malbec, Cabernet, and a Bordeaux style red blend. A number of us who were devoted red wine drinkers were pleasantly surprised by the Rose, which we absolutely loved!  The whole experience was enlightening and gave us a new appreciation for the diversity and quality of wines from this region. Our hearts were totally merry, and it made the best mixer across generations, leaving nothing but great memories! Big thanks to Nick for a great time!

          Judy Jones

Type:    A Tour of Spain

Event:  Birthday Celebration (5/15/21)

A wonderful evening with just the right "pairing" of learning and fun all while discovering delicious, affordable wines with friends!

Karla Grimwood

Type:    Wines of Pacific Northwest

Event:  Friends (10/10/21)

Last night's wine tasting for Pacific Northwest wines, Washington and Oregon, was excellent.  Learned a lot about the region and the wines were excellent, even the white ones!!!!!    Thanks Nick for sharing your love of wine with us.

Lynda Allen Sanders

Type:    Tour of France

Event:  45th Birthdate (8/21/2022)

After having attended a tasting hosted by Nick previously, I knew I wanted to have one at the house for my birthday. His thoughtfulness from start to finish was most impressive. There was so much knowledge about the wine, but the presentation was enhanced by his engagement and sincerity. I will definitely have him back in the future, and we just purchased a few bottles of his selections last night. Thank you, Nick!

       Kelly Watts-Stines

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